This months underdog goes to Lilian Magari, video extraordinaire, editor and all around queen adding her magic to the current flow of video content in the country that is mostly male dominated. Lilian worked with partner creative and designer Jacqueline Edson to conceptualize and execute an incredible video and photoshoot titled “In his skin”, featuring vitiligo model Miki Deo.

Miki Deo (Top); Lilian Magari (center) & Jacqueline Edson

“Meet Miki Deo.

Tanzania’s first vitiligo male model.

In a space where the color of his skin is often misunderstood, he is asked questions like, “Whats wrong with you?”, “W​​ere you burnt as a child?”

Together with two Tanzanian female creatives (Lilian Magari & Jacqueline Edson) , we put together a project named, “In his skin” to explore the beauty of his blackness.

We made a video tribute to Jay-Z’s “Story of OJ” as well took some photography which went along with the project.”


Creatives: Lilian Magari (@lilianflaviana) & Jacqueline Edson (@callme_jaxx)
Photographer: @that_tanzanianguy
Model: @​​miki.deo


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